Mikkaela Laux, Staff Writer

Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a book that I read in seventh grade, it helped me to better understand pure kindness. Because of Palacio’s book I have strived to absorb that pure kindness and use it in my everyday life. The way that I see Palacio’s goal in writing this book, is to show that covers are not everything, that they are only a small part, and the big part is what is on the inside.

Wonder goes into the life of an upcoming fifth grade boy, and this will be his first year in public school. He is not like every other boy in his grade, he is physically deformed in a drastic amount, but his brain is just like every other kids. You find out who gets past his looks and who does not. You discover how protective a family can be towards a loving and amazing boy who was just born into a body that was different.

During the book the main character August has a teacher who, every month, gives out an important saying that the children are supposed to examine and explain. My favorite one is “Fortune favors the bold” (148). Meaning that coming out of your box and being brave will be rewarded, it pays off to be courageous.

Imagine a book that can teach you kindness without you even noticing it. This book gives you a glimpse of what everyone around in this book goes through. It shows you the side of the bully, the best friend, the sister, the sister’s boyfriend, the boy himself, and many others. R.J Palacio made a difference in the world by writing the book Wonder.