Lenoir City High School Brocoming

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As far as highschool events go, Homecoming is one of the bigger events. During halftime of one of the football games, one of the ten girl nominees are chosen to become Homecoming Queen. This year Haley Abston (12) had the most votes and was crowned Homecoming Queen of 2017.

Then during a basketball game, a Homecoming King is crowned by the Queen. But why have two Homecoming games when you can have a Brocoming? It is known as Brocoming because a King is being crowned instead of a Queen.

The choosing process for this event is always the same. The seniors go into a survey and vote for a king out of all the boys that are seniors. The top ten with the most votes go into another round where the whole school takes a survey and votes on one of the top ten seniors. And of course the one with the most votes will be crowned by the Homecoming Queen at the halftime of a home basketball game.

“I find Brocoming one of the more fun events that this school does, because it’s silly and everyone has a fun time,” said Jacob Eichelberger (12).

So on January 27th, 2017, the Brocoming King will be chosen and crowned at halftime by this year’s Homecoming Queen, Haley Abston (12).