Central High School Tragedy

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

Isidro Huichapa, Writter

 The past November 21 Emma Walker, who was a student at Central High School in Knoxville Tennessee, was found dead in her house. She was described by her family and friends as a good student and a really nice person. Later that day, the police charged Emma’s ex-boyfriend as the one responsible for Walker’s death.

           William Riley Gaul who is a student and football player in Maryville College is Walker’s ex-boyfriend and some family members of Emma explained to the police officers and media in general that Emma broke up with Riley Gaul, and he refused the idea of living without her as a girlfriend. The police found some evidence that proves that Riley Gaul shot Emma while she was sleeping. However, Riley Gaul tried to hide this with some posts on Twitter.

           Gaul tweeted “I love you Emma, I can’t be around any of that yet, it’s too soon. I know you know I’m dying to be there but understand I can’t. I love you.” He also posted two pictures saying how he wanted Walker to live together in the future. Social media played a really important role in this case and people started making comments on Riley Gaul’s posts saying really bad things to him and calling him a “killer.” Gaul’s and Walker’s twitter accounts started getting more followers on November 21, and people were sending their condolences to Walker’s account. Riley Gaul is being held at The Knoxville County Jail on $750,000 bond. He also has court on December 2nd.

Alexis Huichapa (11) thinks that this is a really bad thing and nobody deserves to die in that way. “I think is a tragic event that happened and that she did not deserve to die over something so petty,” said Huichapa.

Bad events are still happening to the world, however Emma’s family members and friends will always remember the good and bad times they spent with Emma.