What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving

In America, you will see a lot of people who go from getting candy to getting presents. It’s only  two weeks into November, and all I’ve heard about is the releasing of the peppermint shakes and what they want for Christmas.

Harry Galbraith’s (who many commonly refer to as The Garbage Man) house is already decorated with Christmas lights out the wazoo, and it’s still not even close to the end of November. All the stores like Walmart and Ingles have already started to play Christmas music.

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? It’s as if everyone just forgot about it.

Chloe Young said, “I do celebrate Thanksgiving, but my family has lights before the first week of November ends.” Hayden Varner says, “After, like, the first week of November we’ve already started talking about what we want for Christmas, and we have our tree up before the end of the month.¨

Americans have almost completely put the holiday as just another day that you go and eat with your family. As if it´s not a holiday at all. You would think that Americans would have more concern for the holiday, considering how patriotic a lot of us are.