Advising for College


Myah Fleming, Staff

Our new College Advisor, Mr. Royston, is already working with juniors and seniors on college readiness. He talks them through what to do for college and as well as other senior related things.

“When I was going through high school, I was a student who had a lot of support going through to go to college,” said Mr. Royston.

But he still struggled whenever he reached college because he wasn’t as prepared as he thought he was.

“When it came time to start my career, I had decided that I wanted to help people with what I had to struggle with. So that’s where I got into school counseling and that’s what led me to this position as a college advisor,” said Mr.Royston.

The main role of an advisor always depends on who the advisee is. Not everyone has the same views towards advising and it’s best to know that they are giving the students help that they need.

“[My main role is] to just make sure that students get what they need. That could be academic, [it] can be social and emotional, and that could be college planning,” said Mr. Royston.

He mostly focuses in on college planning and career readiness specifically.

“[College planning and career readiness] is preparing you for what it’s like to be there to actually get you there, said Mr. Royston.

He enjoys his work here in Lenoir City so far and hopefully he stays for a while.