Pokemonument in New Orleans

Pokemonument in New Orleans

Jasper Page, Staff writer

A mystery monument shows up one night at a local park in New Orleans. A Pikachu statue made of a hollow material made by a mystery street artist. The statue was placed in the center of a broken down fountain that no longer produced water. People believe that a mystery street artist created this piece to show off his talent and bring people together.

Since Pokemon Go was, and still is, a big hit there is no wonder as to why this Pokemonument is getting so much attention. Even if Pokemon Go wasn’t famous anymore, a random Pikachu statue in the middle of a park is everything but boring. The monument was even made into a Pokestop for Pokemon Go players!

On August 4th, however, the statue vanished a passer-by commented: “That’s so sad.” Not without a trace, though; the artist took it. When the anonymous street artist gave the public the Pikachu monument he left behind a barcode that leads to a website telling people where the statue is headed next. Keep your eyes open! The Pokemonument might be in your local park sometime soon.