The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Riley Childress, staff writer

Every year LCHS has a talent show during the fall. Sadly, it has been pushed to a later date. This year there were only 6 finalists, when usually there are 11 to 12. 

On the bright side Mrs. Mowery, the director of the show, has rescheduled it for January, when we will have re-auditions and the show toward the end of the month. Additionally, those who have already auditioned will not have to try out again.

New participator, Morgan Varner (10), says, “I was disappointed, Rachel and I were really excited, but It’s a plus, we get to practice more.”

While the finalists are down about the cancellation, most of them are relieved that they will get extra time to practice and perform before the big day.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Zeller, in the library or through email. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to audition for the show. So come and audition for the beloved talent show. Come and support LCHS and showcase some talent. The show must go on.