All Dressed Up



A group of enthusiasts wear costumes of their favorite characters.

Zoe Fred, Staff Writer

With pumpkin spice lattes and candy corn in every grocery store, autumn is in the air. The season brings a variety of things to enjoy, such as the cooler weather, crisp golden leaves, and of course, Halloween.


The makeup of this spooky holiday changes from year to year. With the month of October arriving, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate with interesting and unique costumes.


  1. Personalize it
    • After the new DC film Suicide Squad, many guys and gals will be out there wearing the face of Harley Quinn and/or The Joker. Think of a way to make your appearance different. With purple and green at every party, you don’t want to get lost among the masses.
    • Try adhering your costume to some sort of theme, like a punk version of a Disney princess, or the opposite for a character such as Harley Quinn. Make your costume something that will be familiar to people, but will still get attention.


  1. Be Comfortable
    • Don’t sacrifice comfort for looks. If you don’t like a lot of skin showing, then don’t spend your money on a costume that accentuates it. Know what you are okay with and what you are not. Your safety and comfort is more important than having a good costume.


  1. Group Costumes
    • A great way for you and your friends to have fun together (and look great together) is to coordinate. Try deciding on a theme or group of characters, such as The Avengers or Harry Potter. You can help each other create fun and interesting costumes that piece together into an entire image.

Whether you spend the holiday flying solo or with a group of pals, just a little bit of effort and work can help make your Halloween 2016 one to remember.