Attack in St. Cloud City, Minnesota.



The attack happened in St. Cloud City in Minnesota

Isidro Huichapa, Staff

The United States has had attacks in many cities, and the lives of millions are at risk. On September 17, another tragedy happened; a man entered a mall of the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota and stabbed at least seven people there. Witnesses say that this man made references to Allah during the attack. St. Cloud Mayor David Kleis said that seven men and two women were injured during the attack.


     The attacker was Dahir A. Adan; he was 22 years old and was a student. Adan was dressed as a private security officer when this happened, but no one died, fortunately.  

Jason Falconer is a police officer who was there during the tragedy. There, he dispatched Dahir, thus preventing any more attacks.

President Obama said in an interview that they are still fighting to destroy terrorism and he also said the attacks in New York and New Jersey are connected with the attack in Minnesota.


Alejandro Huichapa (10) thinks that government should have more security in public spaces. “I think the U.S. Government  should have better security in public spaces, like malls and parks, and they also should put more attention in problems like drugs and cartels,” Huichapa said.