Clowning Around


With numbers of creepy clown sightings rising in the southeast part of the country, parents and students are starting to feel on edge. Lately in the news clowns have been sighted more and more. With reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with bribes, and following children home from school, it seems as though we are all in a horror movie. The question is: is this all an elaborate prank or a sinister plan? Either way, the occurrences have gone too far, and no one is happy about it.

Some schools have had to skip recess and even had to resort to lockdowns because of threats directed at them. Recently, two girls from Anderson County have been expelled and are facing charges in juvenile court for social media threats. Our school has not received any threats, but rumors of clowns in the local park and neighborhoods around us have spread schoolwide. Additionally, at the homecoming football game on Friday the 23rd there were sightings of “clowns” standing beyond the field, but officers soon put an end to that. “I was next to the person who saw it and she started to video it. I didn’t get a video in time. Everyone started freaking out. The cops came over and talked to them. It was pretty scary.”

Although the clowns have frightened everyone, no one has been seriously hurt by the incidents. While it seems like these occurrences are just pranks, police can’t be too sure and are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. Yet, the question we still face is if the incidents are just sinister hoaxes or elaborate devices. Right now we can be sure nothing too extreme has happened, but police are keeping a close eye on everything. Just be safe and maybe stay away from carnivals for a while.