NBC’s This is Us

NBCs This is Us

Kayley Pickens, Staff

For any TV show fan, fall is one of the best times of the year. Most people look forward to the scarves, the boots, and the pumpkin spice delicacies. However, most people also look forward to seeing several brand new TV shows starting their first season, hoping to attract new viewers.

On September 20, the first episode of NBC’s new show This is Us aired. This is Us is about 4 different people who were born on the same day. The pilot is about the three main characters’ 36th birthday, including all the ups and downs they encounter on that day. Jack and Rebecca are expecting triplets, on top of already dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. They just moved into their new home to make room for their family. Kevin, also known for his show The Manny, is tired of his bachelor lifestyle and wants to experience a normal life. Randall is doing his best to raise his two daughters while trying to locate his father, who left him at a fire station as a baby. Kate is Kevin’s agent, but she’s dealing with the struggle of trying to lose weight. On their 36th birthdays, each of them have a special event.

Ready for the plot twist? The characters’ lives in This is Us does not take place in the same time era. This fact makes the show more interesting and puts things in perspective. More shows now a days have been having mini trials with episodes to test out time warp or time travel, most failing. NBC has managed to make their new show work with the time travel concept, and it might seem confusing at first but it will eventually catch on the further you get into the pilot and the series. NBC has managed to create a series that I hope everyone will be watching. The message trying to be produced from the show is you can’t change what happened in the past; the past makes us who we are today and all we can do is appreciate it and move on with our lives.