Tanasi Bar and Grill Critique

Lupita Castillo, Staff

If you are ever on the boat or you are ready to explore something new in life, I suggest going to Tanasi Bar & Grill in Tellico Village.

Tanasi is located at a golf course and is also located at a marina. Most people think that one must have a membership to attend to this restaurant, but that is not the case. It’s open to the Tellico Villagers as well as the public.

Most people ask if there is a certain dress code and the answer is no; 40% of the population that goes there are golfers and the other 60% are the regular dinners that wear just casual clothing.

This time last year this place gained new management and was taken over by a man named Andy Fox. Fox also took over Toqua and the Blue Heron AKA the Yacht Club.

After this new management there were a lot of new changes to from the table cloths, chairs, balcony, kitchen equipment, servers, as well as the menu.

With these new changes on the menu, new events also came along. Tanasi now has Music Mondays, Fish Fry Friday, on Saturday’s Half Price Appetizers and $5 Pitchers of Beer, and on Sundays they offer a breakfast buffet, as well as breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Some of what Tanasi is really known for is for their catfish, shrimp, and chop sirloins. For getting what seems like a lot of catfish it is a very good price. The half order and full order both include cole slaw, fries, hushpuppies, choice of tartar or cocktail sauce and a lemon. As well for the shrimp you have all of those same options. The chop sirloin one can get an 8oz or 12oz for a fairly good price as well.

The catfish you can get either grilled, blackened, or fried so I chose fried. Let me tell you it was one of the best catches I have ever had in my life! As for the coleslaw, you can taste how homemade it taste! It is phenomenon. I also got some french fries and they were quite delicious as well.

Once you walk in, you see the big smile on the hostess, and that is exactly what makes you instantly have a smile. I had the choice to either sit outside or inside, so I sat outside in the balcony enjoying the beautiful view of the lake and the nice little breeze in the background. My server was one of the nicest servers I have ever had in my life. She was full of happiness and seemed like she really wanted to be at work. She was very attentive, and did not leave my glass every half empty. She was definitely a more than 20% to tip. The manager also checked up on me and asked how my dinner was and if everything was okay.  

After I was done I decided to have one of their famous berry cobblers. It was the most delicious thing ever! The vanilla ice cream really made the sweetness from the cobbler balance it out.

On my way out everyone told me thank you and to have a good night. It really made my visit even better.

I will soon be coming back again and trying more of their well-known dishes! One of the best places I have been, hands down.