New York/New Jersey Attacks: An Overview


Andrew Hackworth, Staff Writer

On the morning of Saturday, September 17th, just before the beginning of a charity race held in Seaside Park, New Jersey a bomb placed near the route of the race detonated. Luckily, the race was scheduled to start at 9, but experienced some delays so no participants were injured and the race was cancelled. Later that night, at approximately 8:30 p.m., another device detonated in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Unfortunately, there were some injuries sustained with 31 people being admitted to local hospitals, but all were released by Sunday morning.
There were more explosives discovered in New York and New Jersey on Sunday, including a backpack that contained multiple devices found in the train station of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Law enforcement did accidentally detonate a device, however no more injuries were sustained. An investigation and search for the person or people involved by the FBI ensued. On Sunday night, a car was pulled over and five people were brought in for questioning, who were believed to have a connection to a certain person of interest in the investigation.
On Monday, the suspect was found asleep in the doorway of a New Jersey bar and the police were called. A gunfight entailed, in which two officers were injured. The suspect was also wounded with injuries to his shoulder and leg. He was then apprehended charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use, along with several other charges.