College Is Not Free

Lupita Castillo, Staff Writer


When you think about what you are going to be doing after high school When you hear the word “scholarships” you instantly think, “free money”. The only problem is that many people do not take the advantage of it and there are so many scholarships that go unclaimed.

There are scholarships for wearing glasses, for being Latino, even for just simply being able to write with your left hand.

For example there are some scholarships where you do not even have to write an essay to enter. It is called “Niche” and you login into their website make an account and every month you can re-enter for a chance to win $2,000 dollars. To win that much money just for some simple clicks and typing is quite easy.

There are other scholarships, such as one that we have here in Tennessee called the “Tennessee Promise.” One must sign up for the TN Promise, attend to all the meetings, and do community hours and be a resident of the state.. The Tennessee Promise gives 2 years of free college; that is a lot of money one could save.

To get the “HOPE” scholarship one has to maintain a 3.0 GPA by the end of their senior semester, and be a resident of Tennessee for one year since September the 1st of the previous year.

Some scholarships are strictly for people with legal residence in the U.S., other scholarships can be given to you as long as you follow the criteria, no matter where you came from or what your background is. An example of one such scholarship is  the “Golden Eagle Scholarship” that is offered to all the Latino students that want to apply for it.

For one senior named Maria M. Gonzalez (12) I asked her what she thinks when someone says “scholarships” and she said, “When people say ‘scholarships’ I think ‘opportunities.” Gonzalez is currently applying for the Golden Eagle Scholarship and she likes it because, “It helps Latino students that don’t have as many opportunities as others.” she says.

They do have scholarships for just about anything nowadays. So do not waste  it and get to finding one that is right for you.