Pokemon Go: The Most Popular Game Right Now.


Pokemon Go is the most popular game right now.

Everyday we use technology to make our lives easier. We can also use it to have fun. Right now, one of  the most popular games is Pokemon Go, which is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic for IOS and Android devices.

The game uses the location and camera of the cell phone to catch virtual creatures called “Pokemon.” The concept of Pokemon Go is to convince people to be more active, and go outside.

However, there are some social problems happening right now. One of them is that the people are very distracted and they could have accidents.

A good point about Pokemon Go is that you can go outside and be more active.

Pokemon Go is having more impact on younger people than older people. Alejandro Huichapa (10) plays Pokemon Go and he thinks that it’s a good game to play, “ I love being outside and playing with my friends, and it’s better than staying in my house doing nothing,” Huichapa said.