LC Olympic Games


Treyson Redmond, staff

Its BATTLE Of THE BRIDGE time in LC! and the Olympic games are about to begin so check out what is happening during lunches all week! *insert jazz hands*

(During Lunches)

  • Monday: 2nd & 4th- corn hole tournament–first team to 5
  • Tuesday: 1st & 3rd- 3 legged race– make a little obstacle course and race
  • Wednesday: 2nd & 4th- egg race– make a little obstacle course and team race with the egg in spoon. Once broken you are disqualified/ place last
  • Thursday: 1st & 3rd- banana showdown–banana goes tucked in the waistband at the hip.     First to ‘draw’ and eat an entire banana wins.
  • Friday: ALL LUNCHES- water flip– most flips in a minute wins it.                                            **Pep Rally: final Olympic game (CHUBBY BUNNIES)