LC Olympic Games


Its BATTLE Of THE BRIDGE time in LC! and the Olympic games are about to begin so check out what is happening during lunches all week! *insert jazz hands*

(During Lunches)

  • Monday: 2nd & 4th- corn hole tournament–first team to 5
  • Tuesday: 1st & 3rd- 3 legged race– make a little obstacle course and race
  • Wednesday: 2nd & 4th- egg race– make a little obstacle course and team race with the egg in spoon. Once broken you are disqualified/ place last
  • Thursday: 1st & 3rd- banana showdown–banana goes tucked in the waistband at the hip.     First to ‘draw’ and eat an entire banana wins.
  • Friday: ALL LUNCHES- water flip– most flips in a minute wins it.                                            **Pep Rally: final Olympic game (CHUBBY BUNNIES)