Olympic Concerns


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Concerns arise across the globe as the Summer Games quickly approach.

The excitement for this summer is building across the country and the world. The idea of no school, soaking up the sun, and lounging by the pool is what first appears to the students who sit anxiously in their classrooms. Waiting impatiently for the last day, and for the break to begin. However, there is something else that is happening this summer that has everyone- including me- on the edge of their seats.


The Summer Olympics are this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


The Olympics have a long, rich history that, frankly, deserves to be in an article on its own, and is one of the few things that unites the globe peacefully. The host city is normally determined through betting, and a rigorous application process, with the host cities generally having eight years to prepare.


The anticipation for Rio has been developing ever since the end of the games in London, when a preview of the upcoming festivities was given at the Closing Ceremony (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY6-TEOUwBQ for what I’m talking about). It was big, bold, exotic, and colorful– everything you expect Brazil to bring. Which is why most of the public is hyped for the South American country.


Except there is one problem: Rio may not be prepared to host the games.


This fear is not without valid evidence. The waters that the athletes are expected to compete in are contaminated with sewage. Water quality is significantly beneath the standards of both Europe and Northern America. In fact, the athletes that are competing are advised to update their shots, to prevent disease that is lurking in the bacteria-filled waters.


Looking at it now some ponder how Rio got the winning bid in 2009 in the first place. Back then, however, the city had pledged to clean up at least 80% of this sewage by 2016, but due to lack of funding and social unrest, the cleanup process has come to a halt. Poor hygiene is not the only reason why Rio is predicted by some to be a bust.


The Zika virus that emerged this year is still a problem in the country, and female athletes across the globe have cancelled competing because of the virus and its effects on pregnancy, or women who plan to bear children.


There is also tension between the people of Brazil and its government. Organized crime is high, as well as inflation, along with a corruption scandal not too long ago. There are even cries for the President of Brazil to be impeached, just as the games come fast approaching.


Even with all this uncertainty and concern for the upcoming games, many still look forward to them. They’re people who are still traveling there despite all of this, just to be apart of the experience.


It is up in the air with how Rio will turn out, and only time will tell.

But if there is one certainty in mind it is this: the games in Rio will be unforgettable, for better or for worse.


The Olympic Games will be from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 21 2016.


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