A Letter to the Editors

Haley Vandergriff, Staff Writer

A lot of the articles I have written this year have been based on events relating to what I’m going through in that moment. However, this one is just a little different. It relates to emotions I’m going through, but it’s really just a letter to my editors.


I couldn’t see myself graduating and taking steps away from this school without thanking the fantastic editors of our yearbook and newspaper, Holly Thompson and Kiyah Moore.


To Holly and Kiyah (T-Bone and Cat Scraps):


You girls are absolutely incredible. You are so amazingly intelligent and talented, and it’s been a privilege to get to meet both of you. I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to know you both this year and it’s been so great to realize what good friends I’ve found in you.


Many people will see the yearbook and the newspaper and say “oh, cool!” and then put it to the side without a second glance. Heck, I was one of those people a year or so ago. But I’ve seen the hard work and the dedication you put into what you do. You’re so passionate about your roles in journalism, and that’s something truly special.


You ladies have helped me through my rough patches and know just how to cheer me up when things are falling apart. You’ve been a bright part of my school days, and I look forward each day to sitting in the back room and just talking to you about anything and everything. I’m so incredibly glad to know you both, and I love you beyond words.


Thank you for everything.


-Vandypants (TC)