Good Riddance


Kiyah Moore, Monkey wrangler, extreme knitter, graduated senior

Dear LCHS,


They expected me to write this super sappy, emotional piece to say goodbye to you all, but I have nothing of the sort for you. I have mildly enjoyed my time here at LCHS. I’ve tried to make change; however, I was lost in the shadows for a majority of it–probably due to the worst case of teenage angst in history.


I’ve made mistakes, had successes, and overcome situations I never imagined I could. I’ve loved editing the newspaper. I’ve loved the library and Ms. Wallace and my friends. But I’m just like everyone else–ready to get out of here.


I believe that life should be lived in a purposeful balance–too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Good things cannot go on forever–just like high school.


Thank you for reading the paper I put so much hard work in.


If there’s any advice I have to give to underclassmen it’s this: don’t act “too cool” for anything; don’t shop at Hot Topic for the clothes you think look super edgy and rad on you; be involved in your school; and don’t care about what people think of you.


Thank you,


Kiyah Moore