You Know You’re Ready to Graduate When…

You Know Youre Ready to Graduate When...

Every year around this time, seniors all over the country, and in our own school, begin to prepare for graduation. Everyone is ready to get out and go elsewhere. Here are some of the ways you know you’re ready to graduate.

  1. You procrastinate more than normal.
  2. You complain every moment of every single day.
  3. You count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until you graduate (or until summer).
  4. When you wake up, you question whether it’s worth going to school that day.
  5. You take naps as soon as you get home…and still sleep eight hours that night.
  6. You fantasize about actually having free time this summer.
  7. It’s actually painful to think about doing school work.
  8. You stop caring about the things you used to be so nervous about.
  9. Group projects are your worst nightmare.
  10. You blame everything on your senioritis.
  11. You cry at the thought of graduating–either happily or sadly.
  12. You’ve begun to look back on the memories, and it’s not even over yet.
  13. You realize failure is just a part of human nature, and you really don’t care if it happens.
  14. Literally anything sounds better than being in school.
  15. Hearing the 3:30 bell is like hearing the most magnificent symphony.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re probably ready to get out. Get ready. It’s close.