Prom dress Styles

Prom is right around the corner and everyone is preparing to have a perfect night.  Every girl wants the perfect dress for prom. There are so many different styles that we can choose from and it can get very difficult.


This year, I have noticed the different styles that the girls have chosen for their prom dresses.  


The main styles this year are: A-line, ball gowns, high low, lace, long, mermaid, open back, sequins, sleeves, strapless, sweetheart, two piece, illusion, and V-neck.


Some of the girls have either went with a two piece style or a dress that has a piece of see through fabric around the tummy to make it look like a two piece (it’s called an illusion dress), but with it being covered it can keep the girl more comfortable in showing that much skin. It also prevents the constant worry of the dress falling down or riding to far up.


Last year the dresses were mostly black, blue and red, we have kept with that tradition this year as well but we have thrown in a  variety of color and prints. I have seen greens and some deep purples this year. I have also noticed that floral print, and lace is in style as well.


I have seen a few girls with a ball gown dress, but most of the girls went with more of a fitted style. Strapless use to be a big thing, but this year there are more high necks, and sleeves.


Short dresses have always been a trend for our generation but that has changed this year. Only a few girls have decided to go with the short style dresses this year,


Prom is a great excuse to get all dolled up. This year I am super excited to see all the dresses come together. I hope that everyone has found that perfect dress that fits their own personal style.