A Night In Central Park

For the first time at Lenoir City the prom theme has not been chosen by the seniors. Instead, it has been kept secret until the week before prom.  The theme was revealed on the new rock that has recently been added to the back parking lot. The theme, “A Night in Central Park”, was chosen by the prom committee, which is made up of a group of juniors–the committee is led by Mrs.Pesterfield. The committee helps to make the decisions for prom, like the decorations, food, music, and the crowns for king and queen. The girls joined for many reasons, from picking the music, crown, and theme,“I joined Prom Committee so that I would know what was happening with prom,” said Megan Mabe.

The the decision to make the theme a secret was made by the school staff, but the committee was all on board. The school decide to keep it secret because of the bad attitudes shown by the junior and senior classes last year, and their inability to vote on three themes. The committee supported this decision because it kept the drama down, and because they felt it was more exciting for everyone to keep it secret. They understand that it can be annoying for some of the seniors, and believe that they will share that annoyance next year, but overall they believe it to be the best option. The girls reflected how they would feel if they were seniors,“I like to knowing but I like being surprised at the same time,” said Jami Howard.

There were several options for the theme including vintage circus and rustic romance, but when the Central Park theme was introduced it was unanimous. The venue will be decorated with streetlights, and park benches. The food also reflects the theme as  there will be: hotdog carts, a mini pizza station, and a mini cheesecake cart.  The food and decorations are being provided by Hunter Valley Farm. The girls were excited to make the theme be shown throughout prom night, “We are doing New York food, park benched and street lights to make it more interesting,” said Meredith Matteson.

With prom quickly drawing near it is becoming more real for everyone involved, and hopefully will not disappoint.