Art Show


Art Show SignIn the afternoon of March 29, 2016, the art and culinary students combined their works into the annual art show. The event occurred at approximately 3:30-6:30 p.m. , and was held near the art room.


From an art student’s point-of-view, this was a lovely event, because it let the community, friends, families, teachers/staff, and fellow students to appreciate the hard work made by fellow art students. I enjoyed the ambience of the gathering, as it made me feel like the effort that was put into these projects was worth it.


At the occasion, there were collages, pop-up books, complementary-colored self-portraits, sculptures, paintings, woodblock art, and many more. Also displayed was a “best of show,” which was an owl painting by Savannah Smith.


Refreshments were prepared by Mrs. Park’s culinary arts students. There were cookies and raspberry tea, free of charge and available for anyone. The culinary art students did a wonderful job preparing the said refreshments–I enjoyed them.


Working on these projects was not an easy task to do. It took quite a lot of effort and time especially for the pop-up books. With enough paint, Sharpie, ink, hot glue, magazine cutouts, construction paper, and some sweat, the art show was a hit.


Events like these really encourage students to work hard and be passionate about what they do–whether it be art or not. It gratifies and motivates us. Every artist, no matter how great and successful, will always find the littlest flaws in their work, and it is a frustrating to feel like: “I could’ve done this” or “I should’ve done that differently.” However, when the general public, friends, and family appreciate and are impressed with and value your work, it’s a great feeling of “wow, I can accomplish things I thought were impossible; I’m an artist.”  
I hope to participate in this event for the rest of my high school career, because it brings me joy that art is still admired and valued.