Drawing the Fallen


Artwork submitted by Bethany Poff.

A soldier prays for peace.

Kayli Martin, Staff Writer

There are many artists around the world and even in our school. Some artists are world famous such as Van Gogh, or Picasso. Their artwork changes the world in unimaginable ways to the point where if their work disappeared, our lives would never see many of the designs that influence us everyday.


Then there are the artists that aren’t as well known, but are still important. These are the people that draw the Google logos, the emojis, or even the small doodles when they are bored in class.


Bethany Poff (11) is one of these artists.


Poff has recently been accepted into the annual Dogwoods Arts Festival for the fifth year in a row, with her work titled “Praying for Peace.”


Originally, Poff got the inspiration for the theme for the Tennessee Valley Fair contest, but found out the due date was too soon for her to finish in time. So, she decided to enter her work into the Dogwoods Arts Festival instead. To Poff the work has a deep meaning for her.


“Soldiers from all around the world are sacrificing so much for their countries, sometimes for no reason at all,” said Poff.


The subject of her drawing is of course a soldier, but Poff took time to make sure he was representing something.

“The soldier in the drawing is praying for all of this fighting to end. He wants everyone to simply get along and be happy,” said Poff.


This remembrance of our soldiers is not a road often taken, as it leads to heartache for many. But who will be the one to capture their life? Who will be there to remember those that have already given so much, and have come back home with the memories that have changed their lives?


Which is why Poff’s work is amazing not only in the eyes of the art community, but to those whose families who have been directly impacted by those in the armed forces.


To be chosen again is an honor for Poff.


“It feels great. It’s amazing thing to have my drawing displayed next to the works of so many other talented artists,” said Poff.


To visit Poff’s work and others come to the festival–the opening exhibit reception is April 7 from 5-9 p.m at the Clayton Center for the Arts, and the festival itself lasts from April 7-22.