A Link Between Worlds Review

Davina Lewis, Staff Writer

A Link Between Worlds

A few weeks ago, I finished my first 3DS game,“A Link Between Worlds.” The game was as good as I expected it to be. It contains many awesome weapons and the ability to merge into walls. The act of merging allows Link to become two-dimensional, and lets him travel in walls or flat surfaces. My favorite weapon feature, other than merging, is the magic in the Master Sword. When Link has full heart containers, the Master Sword has a magic beam that can ward off enemies and collect items like rupees and hearts. This is a very convenient power, as it creates space between Link and the enemies, allowing him to defeat from a safe distance.


My favorite dungeon was Tower of Hera, because Link uses the hammer, which is a fun weapon to use in this game. This dungeon’s boss was not hard to defeat at all, which is always a good plus. Music-wise, my favorite dungeons were either Dark Palace or Ice Ruins. The music in Dark Palace was a haunting and ominous, which allowed me to mentally immerse into the game. The Ice Ruins’ music was elegiac and eerie, yet calming and charming.

Personally, I think that the part which Link saves all the Seven Sages was the most beautiful, and majestic. I also loved the part at the end when Link, Princess Zelda, Ravio, and Princess Hilda all forgive each other and are united, and Link saves the land of Lorule. The very ending, when Link puts the Master Sword back into the stone, was also touching. The additives of chirping birds and no music was powerful. I even made it a priority to watch through the full credits.
I feel that this game was at a good level of difficulty for me, as it didn’t frustrate me, nor did it bore me. I would recommend any 3DS-owning Zelda fan to buy this game ASAP, as it was truly entertaining, well-made, and riveting. I am glad I got this game for Christmas, as it is now one of my favorite games.