Prom Sales

With prom less than a month away, the time to buy tickets is fading. Tickets will be sold the rest of this week and will be sold the week before prom during lunches. You can also stop by Mrs.Pesterfield’s room to purchase your ticket before school these two weeks. Tickets are 45$ for one person or 90$ for two.

When you purchase your tickets you will be given a ticket and will be asked to turn in the guest/date agreement form. If you have lost this form, or have questions about it please see Mrs.Pesterfield. *YOU CAN NOT BUY TICKETS WITHOUT THIS FORM*

While you are purchasing your tickets you can also sign the prom promise, which is a form that states that you will not drink at prom. If you sign this form you will be entered into a drawing for a prize that will be given to a boy and a girl the night of prom.

Seniors will also be voting on prom king and queen during homeroom the week before prom (be thinking about who you would like to vote for).

If you want to know more about this year’s prom, including hints about the theme, check out the twitter page @LCPantherProm.