Building A Win


Photo Taken from the Lenoir City Schools website

Andrew Ingram (12) poses after winning the Regional Skills USA Carpentry competition.

Everyone has something to offer to not only this school but to the country–to the world. No matter what you think, you have a talent to offer. For some people it’s music by voice or instrument. Maybe a person’s talent is an art, where they make a painting that makes the world stop.


Andrew Ingram (12) has a different kind of talent that not many realizes: carpentry.


Ingram has recently won first place in the regional Skills USA Carpentry division and will move on to state competitions. This achievement has been recognized throughout our school, but for Ingram winning the competition was not always clear.


“I didn’t know for sure if I would win. There were eight competitors and we had to make a wall and a window with a rafter in it, and whoever has the closest measurements wins,” said Ingram.


The competition only gives out blueprints a month prior to the contestants for them to prepare with and study. Luckily Ingram had Mr. Jonathan Ingram, the carpentry teacher here, to help him prepare.


“He [Mr. Ingram] helped me a lot, by explaining the blueprints to me and how to do it,” said Ingram, who has been in Skills USA all four years with Mr. Ingram as his carpentry teacher for the past two.


“I’m thankful for him. He has really helped me a lot,” said Ingram, as he prepares for his future job as an electrician but also preps for the state championships.


“The competition at state is a little more competitive,” said Ingram.


But Ingram has the backing of the entire school to root him on. Along with the help of not only Mr. Ingram, but his peers as well.


Good luck Andrew and congratulations, we will be watching and cheering for you at state finals.