How to Change the World

How to Change the World

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank


A large majority of people look at the world as some disaster that cannot be fixed–or some huge issue that somebody else higher up on the ladder of society needs to take charge of. Many people have this mindset of, “Someone higher up than me can handle the world’s problems, right? It’s not my responsibility to fix the whole world.”


However, what a lot of people don’t realize is the that nobody can really fix the entire world. To one single person, maybe you are the whole world–maybe you can be that shining light in the darkness for them.


I can’t fix someone’s world, you might think. That’s too much responsibility.


Or maybe you think, no one looks up to me that much. I’m not good enough to be anyone’s lighthouse.


The fact of the matter is that everybody looks up to someone. Some people may not admit it, but everyone has somebody they think the world of. Not everyone recognizes the fact that they look up to somebody as a role model–that they rely on someone so deeply to carry them on through the tough days.


Everyone has someone they admire, whether consciously or subconsciously. For some, it’s easier to think about who your role model is rather than that someone may love you dearly and look up to you as their own role model.


To someone, you are the world. One single thing you say can make or break them in a heartbeat. They take your advice and believe everything you say. They admire you and love you endlessly, no matter what.


So the big question is, what are you going to do tomorrow–or better yet, what will you do today to improve the world–or at least their world?


Maybe you can write them a letter telling them how much they mean to you, compliment them,  or hear them out when they need to talk to someone. Be honest with this person, be their shoulder to cry on, or give them a hug.
The ways you can change the world can be infinite, and it starts with just the smallest act. You can start a fire with just a single spark.