Trump Trumps Signs

Driving down the street in Mainland U.S.A during an election year, you might notice something on the ground on the edge of someone’s lawn–a political campaign sign.


These signs let the world know that the family that lives there is voting for a specific candidate, and frankly you should too.


They are advertisements, and to most people just a typical thing you see around this time.


Now if you even paid an ounce of attention to the news, you will notice Donald Trump is a big name in the race for office.


He’s brash, unpredictable, unorthodox, which makes for an excellent headline, and since it’s concerning our nation’s future, Americans will listen to what he has to say. He has become popular to many, and a menace to some.


Then there are the jokes.


Trump has been the brunt of jokes since the campaign started (which includes a parody movie The Art of The Deal where he is played by Johnny Depp), and the jokes about him are starting to cross with one of  America’s traditions during election time.


Yep you thought right, the jokes are even carrying to the campaign signs. The most famous of which is the one pictured below.

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These signs are causing quite a stir on the Internet, and media coverage. People find the signs hilarious, including junior Kylie Pelfrey.


“I think the signs are funny and clever,” said Pelfrey “whoever made these had one thought in mind: I’m going to slam Trump!”


While Pelfrey will not be able to vote come election time, she still expresses her desire to own this sign.


“If I could vote I’d definitely buy one of these,” said Pelfrey.


But even with the signs, Trump’s success continues to grow after his win in the caucus in New Hampshire.


In all honesty, while the signs are humourous and a great representation of our generation (fusing text lingo with politics), it’s actually helping Trump’s campaign. People see it and think ‘Oh, it’s Trump again. I see him everywhere.’


Whether you support Trump or oppose him, you have to admit one thing:


Trump is causing quite a field day in the media; even to America’s lawn signs.