Valentine Slow


A couple walks lovingly down the hallway.

It happens everyday, you are walking down the halls and BAM! A couple in front of you decides to stop in the hall where they say a tearful farewell and kiss each other tenderly. For they have to wait the agonising hour till they see each other again. In the most intimate place in the school: the hallway.


This aggravates you as you had been walking behind this couple for a while now, and they suddenly stop. Causing you to move around the couple and into the other lane of walkers. Putting your life in peril, but it’s just you, and that is a sacrifice the couple is willing to make.


The stop is not the only thing that infuriated you about the couple. Before which they had been going lovingly slow. Leaning on each other as they can’t bear the moment when they are not being suffocated by their partner. Possibly sensing you behind them, just thinking about how just suffocated they will be if they don’t. Move. Faster.


Though they can not. They must embrace until they must bid adieu, with the enchantingly tasteful  music playing in the background from a fellow student. LOUDLY.

This couple will some days just walk incredibly slow, but let’s not forget the other days when the couple expresses their love by becoming the human equivalent to leeches.  


The kissing in between class becoming egregiously heated, before they make their way to their ever exciting Algebra 2 class.


The main point I am trying to express here is that while I understand that you couples do want to spend time with each other and that you love each other (hopefully), you are not the only two in the hallway.


The world does not stop for you two, and frankly if you were in a situation such as driving and you stop and chat with your lover, the cars behind you will either run you over or scream and yell at you to move along.


Now that is something that has not happened in the hallways here (yet), but it might just happen if you couples don’t stop just walking unbearably slow in the middle of a crowded hallway.


With Valentine’s Day coming up next month I am sure the couples in the hall will soon become more prominent than ever, but please keep in mind this:


Pick a place to meet with your significant other to talk, and likewise keep the kissing to a minimum. No one here really wants to see that.

Finally, if you have to move down the hall with them, please for the love of all that is precious and good in this world, go faster.


Happy early Valentine’s Day, and to the couples of Lenoir City High School, please walk the speed the rest of the world is.