Our small town

The over look of Lenoir city before more advancements.

The over look of Lenoir city before more advancements.

Everyday in society there is an aching for growth. Small towns are where everything begins.


All the big cities and big countries once started out as just a few people who decided to build a house there, but as time continues to tick by, the small towns are slowly fading away.


Moving from a town that is more advanced than the other is a new experience. When you are use to the big city feeling with all the noise and all the huge buildings, moving to a town that barely has any traffic of any really big buildings, you really get to understand why they call them “small towns.”


Lenoir City has always been labeled as a small town. It’s a place where everyone knows everyone, where the traffic isn’t that bad, and where you hear everything that goes on.


I have grown to love this small town. I love driving around town and seeing all the old stores and historic buildings along with the landmarks that Lenoir City has.


Lenoir city won’t always be a small town. It’s slowly becoming, a smaller version of Turkey Creek, hint the name “Town creek.”


Our sweet little small town will have way more traffic, and way more people. Some people like this idea but others have different opinions on our small town becoming more advanced and less comfortable.


For some people making Lenoir city a bigger town is a great idea but for others, they just want their small town back.


For Leah Richmond (11), Lenoir city becoming more advanced is a no go.


“I like my small town. I don’t like big crowds or traffic and if it becomes more advanced it will become another Turkey Creek,” Richmond said.


“I’m kinda looking forward to everything that is to come. There will be many new things to do and more opportunities for all of us,” Olivia Johnson (12).