America’s Beauty Standards


Candice Swaenpol is VS’s top model.

     Think of your personal definition of health and beauty. Do you think of long legs, professionally styled hair, toned abs, perfect skin, and faces painted with make-up? To each be their own. Some people may think of characteristics completely opposite the ones previously named, but America has created a mindset of beauty for the people. This is true for males and females alike. Nothing is wrong with these physical attributes, but I hope to expand your horizons. All things can be beautiful if they are healthy, safe, true, and abundant.


    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the largest and most populated fashion event in the industry’s history. The shortest model in the 2015 show was 5’10. Most of these models weight under 120lbs. They sported wings, sky high heels, and extravagant costumes. We as a society see these models to be flawless from head to toe, and rightfully so. The models work hard to maintain their bodies as their daily lives are carefully monitored by the company to ensure healthful practices. But are these attributes seen in reality? Have these models skewed our vision and risen our expectations for reality?


   The average male in the US weighs 163 lbs and is about 5’10 in height. The average American female is 5’4 and weighs about 166 lbs. These statistics do not reflect the entertainment industry’s figureheads. This is where I believe insecurity is planted. We need to expand our horizons.


   Good mental, social, and physical health should be the root of attractiveness.


   People in good health see themselves with elastic skin and see their bodies as they truly are. The human body varies from person to person. Some people, like myself, are built heavily. We feel the pressure to change.


     There is nothing wrong with people born long bodied and  having excellent proportions. Others are born with shorter legs, larger noses, small torsos, and various proportions that are equally just as beautiful. Boys should not feel pressured to only feeling confident being well muscled, thin, and having a sharp jawline. Girls should not feel the need to be tall, perfect-skinned, and wafer thin.

David Gandy is the highest paid male model in history.
David Gandy is the highest paid male model in history.

Be YOUR definition of beauty. Be healthy and work towards creating the best possible version of yourself. That will make you the most beautiful to others.