It’s That Time…

A junior at Niskayuna High School promposed to his girlfriend using candles.

A junior at Niskayuna High School promposed to his girlfriend using candles.

Haley Vandergriff, Staff Writer

Your girlfriend, your crush, your best friend–whomever you may be dying to take to prom, she sure is special.


Now, maybe you’ve decided, “ Yes! I want to go to prom with her so badly! I want her to be my date!”. Maybe it’s because she’s shown you the utmost kindness, or maybe you want to win her heart or even just get that one slow dance from the beautiful girl. Maybe you’ve already won her heart and she just expects you to take her to prom.

Regardless of any of these circumstances, this person deserves to be asked to prom in the most adorable, wonderful way possible.

Keep in mind, your gal may be different than others! She may want a big show, or she may not want you to say much in front of others.

So, without further ado, here is your list of promposal ideas.



  1. Get her favorite food. (Pizza? Doughnuts? Bacon?) Write on it, “roses are red, [insert food name here] are the bomb, do me a favor and come with me to prom?”
  2. Starbucks. On it, write, “I like you a latte. Prom?”
  3. Buy some donuts. Write, “I DONUT want to go to prom without you.”
  4. Buy a pizza. On the box, you can write, “this may but cheesy, but..” and have the pizza restaurant spell “PROM?” in her favorite pizza topping.
  5. Get a bag of Dum-Dum Lollipops and write on a note, “Prom would suck without you.”
  6. Chicken nuggets. “I’d be one lucky nugget if you’d go to prom with me.”
  7. If you’re willing to spend a little money, you can go online and find the M&M website. They have an option where you can customize M&M’s, though it’s a little pricey. You can order M&M’s that say, “Prom?” or even ones that have pictures on them, and you can pick the colors as well.
  8. If she likes Taco Bell, create a poster that says, “Let’s TACO bout prom,” with “prom” spelled out in taco sauce packets, or buy her a box of tacos and write the same on it.
  9. If she’s a coffee fanatic, you can buy or decorate a mug for her. On the bottom of the cup, write “prom?” An idea for decorating it is to write, “I have a question for you” (or something similar) and “drink up” with “prom?” still in the bottom of the cup.
  10. Maybe she likes sushi. Make a poster that says, “You’re hot like wasabi, and sushi is the bomb, I was wondering if you’d want to roll with me to…” and spell prom in sushi on a plate beneath.



  1. If your lady likes Harry Potter, here’s an idea. Create a sign that says, “I’m SEEKING a date to prom. Be my golden snitch?”
  2. Another Harry Potter idea: make a scroll which asks her to prom. Roll it up, and tie it to a white balloon, which is decorated to look like Hedwig (use Sharpies).
  3. Does your bae like Star Wars? Make her a poster that says, “Why join the dark side when you could go to prom by my side?” Wear a Vader mask for more effect.
  4. If your gal likes Pokemon, you can make a cupcake in the shape of a Pokeball, or just find some sort of ball which you can paint and make look like one. Include a note that says, “I choose you. Prom?”
  5. If your girl is a Disney fanatic and you know some girls who will work with you, get several to dress up as her favorite Disney princesses. Make a sign that says, “The only princess missing is you.” The other girls could each hold letters that spell out, “prom?”
  6. If she’s more of the superhero (specifically, Marvel) type, you can make a sign with several of the Marvel heroes’ signature logos, which also says, “Prom would be MARVELous with you.”
  7. Fill her room with balloons. Make a poster that says, “Will you fly UP to prom with me?” with a drawing of the house from the Disney movie Up.



  1. If she likes animals, you could buy her a fish and write on the tank, “Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” (Please keep in mind fish also need care– food, rocks in their tank, etc.)
  2. Continuing on the idea of liking animals, if she likes pigs (like I do), you could get her pink balloons and draw pigs on them. Attach a sign that says, “I’d love to go to prom with you…when pigs fly!”
  3. A sign that says “Whale you go to prom with me?” with a picture of a whale on it may be a cute idea–maybe even throw in a stuffed whale.
  4. Get her a stuffed dog and a poster. On it, write, “Prom would be RUFF without you.”
  5. Buy her a Build-A-Bear stuffed bear or other teddy bear. From here you have two options: If you buy the Build-A-Bear, you can put in a voice recording asking your babe to prom. If you get any teddy, you can also leave a note saying, “It would make me BEARY happy if you would go to prom with me.”
  6. A stuffed lion and a poster reading, “I’d be LION if I said I didn’t want to take you to prom.”



  1. Does she like volleyball? If so, you could get a volleyball and write, “I’d DIG it if you’d go to prom with me,” on it.
  2. If she’s more or the baseball/softball type, you can get the preferred ball and write, “I might strike out asking, but would you go to prom with me?”
  3. Maybe your girl likes to run. If you have a little money to blow and know her shoe size, you can write, “You’ve been running through my mind all day…prom?”
  4. If she likes football, get one and write, “Let’s tackle prom together,” on it.
  5. For many sports, you can get the desired ball, and write on it, “It would be my GOAL to go to prom with you.”
  6. If she’s a fisher, get a special hook that says, “Will you be my catch to prom?”
  7. If she’s a hunter, set up your own personal shooting range. Print targets that say “yes” and “no” as well as “Prom?” in big letters. Let her take a shot.



  1. Cover her car in sticky notes that spell out, “PROM?” Make sure she’s not going to see you doing it, though. (This has been proven to work by one of my best friends. It took about a thousand sticky notes, though, and stalking her car while she was at softball practice.)
  2. If she likes princesses or you just want to show her that she’s your princess, an idea may be to get a tiara and leave a note that says, “Every princess needs a tiara for the ball.”
  3. If you’re comfortable talking to her parents and arranging to be at her house, you can fill her room with balloons that all say “PROM?” on them while she is away.
  4. If you know her phone password, you can change your contact name in her phone to “Prom?” and call her once you’ve walked away.
  5. If you’re really close with your girl and have a lot of pictures of the two of you, you can spell out “prom” in pictures. If not, you can write cute little notes on sticky notes and spell out the same thing. If you have SOME pictures, you can make a small poster and surround it with photos. On it, write, “can you PICTURE us at prom together?”
  6. Here’s a thought: if you’re a creative soul, make her a list of reasons she should go to prom with you and present it to her however you’d like. Perhaps work out a deal with your teacher and read it from a Powerpoint as if it was a legitimate presentation.
  7. If she wouldn’t mind the potential of it being a little creepy, outline yourself in chalk on her sidewalk or driveway, and write, “I would die if you’d go to prom with me,” (much like a crime scene).
  8. If you are a musical guy who is a great singer (and maybe plays guitar), you can serenade her with your own song asking her to prom.
  9. If you Snapchat her a lot, or have an embarrassing selfie or picture of her, you can get a huge copy of it (or make a collage if you have plenty) and make a poster to go with it, which says, “Do you promise to look this good if I take you to prom?”
  10. If you just want to be cute, make a sign and buy some flowers. The sign can say, “Flowers are the second most beautiful thing in the world. Can I go to prom with the first?”