Christmas In The City


Photo Submitted By Student

Stacy Horton (11) poses in Times Square.

Kayli Martin, Staff Writer

Christmas is celebrated everywhere and anywhere across the country and globe.  From the backwoods country farmer to those in sunny California, people celebrate Christmas in different ways, but for some they have a special place they dream of spending Christmas.


New York City.


Staring at the bright lights in the city that never sleeps with snow falling around the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, sounds like a dream to some. But to one student here at Lenoir City that dream was a reality over the break.


Stacy Horton (11) got to spend Christmas in the Big Apple.


I trip like that can generally take months or even years to plan in advance, but not for Horton’s family, who only planned the trip a few days in advance and was more spontaneous than anything.


“We planned it like three days before we left,” Horton said.


Going everywhere from New York University to Rockefeller to see the Christmas tree, Horton experienced Christmas lights in a whole new way. With the bright neon lights in Times Square, casting Horton in her family in a Christmas coma like never before.


It was not just a trip for leisure however, while there she also looked around the campus of Columbia University, and was blown away by the campus and now is striving to go there after graduating.


“I was not for sure about going to Columbia before, but after I saw the campus I wanted to go,” said Horton.


Although, it was the sheer amount of people coming together on the holiday is what made the moment unforgettable. People from across the globe come to New York for Christmas, and Horton got to see it all while she was there.


“It was a great experience to see all the people coming together at one place for such as big event,” said Horton.


This Christmas experience will continue to live with Horton, even when she goes from here to (hopefully) her now dream school, Columbia.


Now Christmas has come and gone, but the memories of Christmas mornings will never be forgotten as we grow older–especially a Christmas in the City.