Preparing for lift-off

Getting ready for college doesnt have to be difficult! Following these few steps could help you cut your stress in half.

Photo credit: Kiyah Moore

Getting ready for college doesn’t have to be difficult! Following these few steps could help you cut your stress in half.

Kiyah Moore, Editor LC Panther Press

Something big is coming. In about seven months time, the polarities of our world will shift. Seniors will be shoved out of the beds they’ve rested their heads in since their youth. That’s right, college is a jet ski speeding down the river of life, and it’s coming right at us.


Instead of just blankly staring at this important life event on your horizon, waiting to get pulverized by the magnitude of change, there’s some action you could be taking.


Get your stuff together


Literally. Get what you might need for college together right now. NOW. Don’t be lost or caught up creek without a paddle when it’s finally time for you to leave. You don’t have to go get your whole dorm room. Get ready gradually; do things like go buy up medicines you might need (Pepto, aspirin, antacids, etc). You could go ahead and get your mini fridge or microwave. Whatever you can carry in your arms, you should probably go ahead and get. You could even go ahead and get bath supplies, laundry supplies, and storage containers.This might sound like a lot of work, however, when it comes down to the last few weeks until lift off, you’ll be glad you saved yourself the stress over the little things.


Get your app together


Please, please please, PLEASE make sure your applications are finished. Make sure you’ve signed up for every single scholarship you’re eligible for. Even if you meet all of the requirements and you don’t feel like you have enough sparkle to win the money, still try. You never know if you’ll hit the mark with whoever is reviewing it. REMEMBER: college is really expensive. Probably the most expensive thing you’ve ever had to pay for. Money runs out quickly and debt piles up quickly as well. A little money won by winning a scholarship can help out A LOT. You’re doing yourself a favor.


Leave no unresolved high school milestone unturned


Didn’t go to a single high school sports game? Didn’t go sit in the library during one of your lunch? Never drank the holy hallway water? Now’s your time. These things that are resting in your mind, the things you never did, are things you’ll be wishing you did in your later life. Make sure that you leave here having done everything you’ve desired doing. It’s not too late to become fulfilled by your high school experience.


Make sure you’re ready


Tossing and turning? Afraid of leaving home? Going to miss your dog, cat, or toilet seat? You’re not alone. Many incoming college freshmen are afraid of leaving home. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of being human. We grow so accustomed to the things around us when we’re exposed to them for long period of time (like all of our lives so far). The sense of routine of waking up in your own bed, going to school, and coming home is hard to imagine beyond. If you aren’t used to change, then transitioning is going to be hard for you. However, it doesn’t have to be THAT hard. Take some steps now to prepare yourself mentally for leaving. Imagine yourself leaving and respond to the feelings you experience. When you know what you’re going to struggle with, you can take action to ensure it’s not too hard.


Make sure you’re getting what you want


Is it the right school for you? Really? Now’s the time to be sure. Be sure that EVERYTHING you’re about to do is what you really want. College is really expensive and most aren’t able to afford going in and changing their minds a billion times. Reflect on your decisions. You might change your mind after going over something you thought you were certain on.

So, as you’re moving throughout your day and moving closer to the date you leave for college, keep these things in mind. You’ll surprise yourself when the day finally arrives and you’re a college wizard.