LC Theatre Program Performs “Agatha Rex”


Bailey Fritz

On December 9th, 2015, the 2015-2016 Lenoir City High School theatre program performed their first play. It was held in the auditorium after school from 6:30 to 8:30.


Mr. Johnston, the theatre teacher/director, chose the play, which was Agatha Rex–a modern-day twist on the Greek play, Antigone. The basis of both of the plays is two brothers who get in trouble, one is treated unfairly, and the sister stands up for the brother who receives the harsher punishment.


¨It’s about two kids who cause some trouble, and then they’re tried unfairly,” said Isaiah Thomas, one of the theatre students who had a main role in the play. “We’ve been working very hard on it since October,” he said.


“It was kind of difficult since we [the two separate theatre classes] weren’t really able to work together until the very end,” Thomas said. One class is held during fourth block, and the other is held during fifth block. “We all had to work very hard on characterization and vocalization so the audience could actually hear us,” he said.


The theatre program has been working very hard on the play ever since October, and have been rehearsing every day since then. Not all students in the program are in the play, however. Some are in charge of lights and stage management if they did not want to perform in the play.


The theatre program will be performing the play again on Thursday, December 18th, during school during an activity program.