Christmas caroling is a tradition for so many and has been around for thousands of years. First sung as Pagan songs and on its way to the Christmas songs we know today.

Currently, you don’t see many carolers out for the holiday season due to how unsafe the world has become. However, the University of Illinois has taken a old tradition and modernized it.

You simply call this number, (217)-332-1882, tell them where you are from, and give them a christmas song to sing. Dial-A-Carol is a 24 hour & days a week student-run program at the university. Each year the students of Snyder Hall, a university housing residence hall, host the holiday program. “I love the fact that i can call and hear any carol I want, this is a wonderful idea” said Rebecca Jenkins(10).

Dial-A-Carol was started in December 1960 by Betty Gordon, an area office secretary, and the residents of Snyder Hall who wanted to spread some holiday cheer around campus.

Last year the students sang to more than 6,800 callers around the world. I myself think this is a wonderful service and will provide holiday happiness for many many