The Long Road

Senior year is full of bittersweet moments for anyone, and even more so for seniors who have participated in a club or sport. For anyone who hasn’t, there are plenty of bitter-sweet things. For example, there is your last day with your favorite teacher, your last novel you read in high school, the last time you get to annoy a certain Chemistry teacher, the last time you say goodbye to your favorite English teacher, and so on.


For students who do sports and clubs the list gets even longer. For many students who have participated in the choral and band programs, this last Thursday was their last Christmas concert.


“Man it sucks [knowing it is my last winter concert]. I had fun doing it, but it was still sad,” said Ciara Cox, a senior in Concert Choir this semester.


For some other students, it is their last concert period. The last time they will get up on a stage with their little family and sing or play their heart out (sometimes both).


For Cox, her last time performing with the school will be in the spring.


“[It will be] emotional, because I know I am not going to pursue music after that,” said Cox.


While it is very sad to say goodbye, the sad doesn’t outweigh or overpower all the happy memories they have had.


“[The choir] went to JB Lyle and we went to get food. We were sitting outside McDonald’s, and some guy walked up and asked if we were choir kids and if we would sing for him. We said no and he started singing, then we sang, and it was really cool,” said Cox.


Cox may be moving on, but having been part of the group for so long gives her the ability to leave good advice for newer members who will help shape the program long after she has left.


“Even if you fail, don’t give up, because you will kick yourself for it later,” said Cox.