Matt Hamilton, Staff Writer

In the past Lenoir City had just typical sports like basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, track, and tennis. Now there’s a new one–an unusual sport.

Lenoir City just got a wrestling team!

It was brought to Coach Boling’s, the Athletic Director, attention that there was a student that wanted to make a wrestling team.

He contacted a few different schools about making a co-op program so that this student could participate.

Luckily, Boling found a school that was not already in a co-op program–William Blount. They have a current wrestling team and liked of the idea of creating a co-op team.

To make a co-op team, Boling and the AD from WB had to go through the home office of TSSAA and make sure it was okay to pursue.

“William Blount was very cooperative with us wanting to join their program!” said Boling.

There are no promises that the student will make the team at WB because he will have to try-out, but we all at LCHS wish him luck!