“Its time for Christmas”


Samantha may

Christmas decorations are already up.

Why is it that as soon as Halloween ends Christmas begins? Toward the end of October and the beginning of November, stores start to prepare for Christmas.


That may be because of Black Friday and all of the deals that happen before Christmas. It may be because Christmas is, in my opinion, is one of the biggest holidays that is celebrated in the U.S.


Stores prepare for the holiday season months prior to it actually being Christmas. We drive through towns and visit stores or restaurants and the only thing we see is CHRISTMAS. My question is, “Where has Thanksgiving gone?”  


Yeah, stores sell stuffed animals that look like turkeys, and sweaters with turkeys on them, or really just anything with a turkey or leaves all over it. Those items last a few weeks and then they are gone to make room for everything Christmas.


In my opinion, Christmas is just rushed. For example, the day after we give thanks for having one another, we bite each other’s heads off to get the last flat screen tv or the last toy that your child wants.


Amber Simerly (12) said, “I think Christmas is very rushed. People are already putting up Christmas trees and posting on social media about the Christmas season, but what about Thanksgiving? We are looking over it. I think shopping a day after Thanksgiving is unfair to the workers. Its taking away family time, and they don’t have a choice. I think it’s unfair.”


I agree with Amber, it’s unfair to take away family time from others that may not want to participate in Black Friday. Employees have to be apart of Black Friday because there are so many people that love the rush of it, stores need all the help that they can get.


Why do they have to have Black Friday after Thanksgiving? Most people who buy things on Black Friday are getting them so they can wrap them and give them to loved ones during Christmas. Why is it we have to rush to get gifts when that’s not really what the holiday season is about?