Virtual marketing


In the old days the marketing class was a boring place to be with all the number and notes. Today due to technology marketing class is super fun and still very educational. In the virtual word of business one company reins supreme, knowledge matters is a highly recommend company to many schools and is supported by the prestigious DECA cooperation. The program is called Virtual Business Simulator and at an around average cost for programs student can use its 24/7 at home and at school as long as they have a compare and an internet connection.

In the intro to marketing class we use the retailing division of the game and you can advance as your classes advance. At some point in the course you can compete with each other to see who as the better noisiness plan. At the national lever of the competition you are able to win 10,000 dollars in cash for having the best of all business plan.

“With Virtual Business – Retailing Online, students start with a familiar grocery/convenience store. As they advance, they manage sporting goods and electronics retailers. Promotion options include traditional media and new options such as email campaigns” This is the websites description of the retailing division. Even though we only use the retailing part there are many more courses to take such as personal finance where you learn how to support yourself.

With this program marketing class is finally a class you want to take and will enjoy it at the same time.