Gold Generation

Gold Generation

Aaron McKeever

Gold, a symbol of excellence and achievement, a reward to recognize the exceptional work and dedication of a person or people. Gold, a symbol now honoring Lenoir City High School’s 2014-2015 yearbook, as My Generation has been awarded a gold medal by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).


Columbia University receives hundreds of entries from a variety of public, private, and charter schools across the nation, and holds high standard when judging the masses of yearbooks they receive in submissions. They criticize the books in three categories: reference, visual, and verbal. Ranking high for thematics as well as relations and reference to the theme, My Generation placed in the upper 85th percentile, with judges commenting, “Great concept…It is unique and carried throughout in a way that works well.”


Away from the thematics, the book received high praises on its verbal aspects. Receiving maximum points in several subcategories, the verbal category proved our highest scores. With comments on the “…excellent primary and secondary coverage,” as well as, the use of “creative headlines…”, the L’Cean 2014-2015 yearbook, received 330 out of 400 possible points.


Visually, the book brought dark background colors with bright colored splashes, using contrast to create an element of interest. Headers of interviews were composed of free-posed portraits of the student whom would be interviewed below. Bruce Watterson who wrote the critique, gave compliments about the use of, “Photos are simply story-telling elements that add to the reader’s’ understanding of the content.”(1) Along with how the “Design shows evidence of creative storytelling as well”. (2) Watterson


My Generation received high ratings, and received a Gold Medal a score of 812. This is the first time an L’Cean yearbook has won an award of this magnitude. And in the year to come, it still has the chance to place for a Crown and/or the Pacemaker Award.