The flu-mist

An example of a flu-mist form.

An example of a flu-mist form.

The flu–an awful sickness that could possibly keep you in bed for days. It’s something no one is looking forward to, and everyone tries to avoid. You really only have three options when it comes to the flu. You can get the flu shot, the flu mist, or you can be like me and avoid both and just hope for the best.


The flu shot is just an ordinary shot that usually gets injected in one of  your upper arms. The flu mist is a liquid medicine that is distributed through the nasal passage.


The flu shot’s symptoms are usually minor and only last a day or two. There is the soreness of the arm that is with most shots, and there are less-common symptoms like, mild fever and achiness.


The flumist symptoms are also usually minor. It has been known to be more severe than the side effects of the flu shot though.


Adults can get a runny nose, headache, sore throat, or cough. Children can have side effects that also include wheezing, vomiting, fever, and muscle aches.



This information comes from previous cases. It doesn’t mean that everyone who gets the shot or the mist will have those symptoms. It really just depends on how your body reacts to whichever vaccine you choose.


Mattye Tollet (10) is getting the flu-mist.


“I get it every year, my mom chooses it for me, plus I am very terrified of shots,” Mattye said


According to her, she doesn’t have any flu like symptoms after taking the flu-mist.


LCHS does not provide the shot but they do provide the flu-mist.  Usually it’s already here and done with but this year it’s running a little late.  


According to Mrs.Herron, the health department has not received the flu-mist vaccine from the manufacturer. The don’t anticipate getting it until December or January.  


“I would like to encourage everyone to receive the vaccine from your physician if possible, although the physician’s office may not have it as well. We will be contacting parents soon via robo call to inform everyone about the situation,” Mrs.Herron said.