Preview: Madrigal Dinner


Jeremy Woody, Staff Writer

Madrigal dinners are renaissance-esque theatrical performances. At Lenoir City High School, the dinners are highly anticipated events performed by the LCHS Singers– our most selective choir group. The shows attract around two hundred people.


This year, the dinner will be held at a new location, Tellico Village Community Church on December 5th. With a new group, director, and venue, the group has a large workload ahead.  “We just started. We have a little over a month to practice, which is not much time compared to last year”, said Sally Ford (11).


Being a returner, Ford feels comfort and safety within this year’s group.  Ford said,  “I have a new sense of confidence, being a returner. I feel like this year’s group could be as good as last year’s”.


Some students believe the play breaks down mental walls, allowing the new performers to get a taste of high quality performance. “It’s their first test of perseverance. It requires us to give our all and be vulnerable. Vulnerability pushes us outside our bubbles and makes us better performers”, said Will Hodge (12).


New singers are eager to start the process of the madrigal dinner. Maria Urias (11) said, “I’m excited to be a part of this and jump in. I love the class because we are always doing fun things.”The choir looks forward to pursuing the play, despite the drastic changes held within their surroundings.