The Chromebook idea

Samie May, Staff Writer

The seniors this year are out of luck when it comes to Chromebooks.


Next year, everyone will receive their very own Chromebook to use. Since next year most of the classes will be online, a computer that you are personally responsible for would be beneficial, in my opinion.  


Teachers wouldn’t have to try and get a Chrome cart everyday and having to change their whole plan if they couldn’t. Students wouldn’t have to work on a computer that someone else broke. It shows the students learn responsibility because who wants to work on a broken computer?


Mr. Boling said, “We will be a one to one school with lots of work being completed on the Chromebooks.”


The decision to provide computers for the students began with a visit by both administrators and teachers from two different school districts who were already giving their students Chromebooks. One of the districts is in the Mobile Alabama area and the other is in Mooresville, NC.


Those districts have been able to show that when computers are used properly, student achievement improves.


Mr.Orr said, “It is important to note that the intention is not to replace direct instruction from the teachers with the computers. Nothing has a greater impact on a student learning than a good teacher.”


By having the Chromebooks next year, students and teachers will be provided with a powerful tool that is more in line with what students are use too and are more comfortable with. This generation is all about technology.


“If an assignment is given online, students will use a web based program called canvas to submit it to their teacher. We have loaner Chromebooks for use if one gets damaged. There are possible fees involved though. All students will be given a handbook that explains everything,” Mr. Orr said.


Kaitlyn Burnette (11) said, “I can see where it helps at some points. I feel like they will have to work on the wifi issues a lot though. I can see how if you have a lot of writing but I don’t see why it all has to be online. It leaves room for a lot more errors.”


Next year will be completely different. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how well the Chromebook idea works. I think for it being a brand new thing there will be a lot of complications but in the long run, it’s better to happen now and work out the bugs then later.