Dead Man’s Farm

In October every year, an abundance of seasonal attractions open up. Here in Lenoir City, we get several generic things–pumpkin patches and fall festivals–and a couple not so generic.


Deep Well Farms off of Highway 11 is the site of three different seasonal activities; Zombie Hunter Paintball, an abundance of farm activities such as hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and Dead Man’s Farm.


Dead Man’s Farm is a haunted house set up and ran by Jeff Liginfelter. It opens for the month of October every year.


Each year they change the theme of the house but keep the base story behind it the same. This year’s theme is Black Magic.


The house opens ticket sales at 7:00pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, however the time it closes varies per day. On Thursday and Sunday Ticket sales stop at 10:30pm and on Friday and Saturday sales stop at 11:00pm or 12:00am. Ticket sales close then, however the house does not close until everyone with a ticket goes through the house.


Lenoir City High School Senior Hunter Snyman was one of many guests who went through the house on Friday, October 16th.


“This one is way better than ones I have been to before,” said Snyman.


Going through the entire house takes about 30 minutes, but the wait time varies greatly. For someone with a normal ticket, it can range from a few minutes (if they are one of the first few in line) to over an hour.


“I took the fast pass [to get in] and it took about five to ten minutes,” said Snyman.


The Fast Pass is a ticket that is offered for a slightly higher price with a separate line that moves much faster than a normal pass. It is something Dead Man’s Farm offers to all customers.


The Dead Man’s Farm staff and owner work very hard to make it as scary and original as possible, changing many rooms and adding on to the house every year, however safety is a huge concern.


While keeping it as scary as possible, the staff will not touch patrons, and if someone gets overwhelmed they can ask for a “chicken run” and the nearest Tech will take said “Chicken” back to the start without putting them through any more scares.


In addition to that, patrons are not allowed to touch actors on purpose, and all props are made to be as harmless as possible, the chainsaws included.


“I like the fact that there are no chains on the chainsaws,” said Snyman.

A full list of rules and frequently asked questions can be found on their website along with a place to buy tickets and information on becoming a cast member.
Dead Man’s Farm is open through Halloween. After that People have to wait until next October to get their thrills when the Farm comes back with a new theme, new rooms, and new monsters.