The price of graduation

Thirteen  years of our lives go to school to just be eligible to get a high school diploma. We work to pass our classes,and we do everything that is necessary to walk across the stage with our class. We overcome senioritis, we stress over our grades, and some of us even have jobs on top of all of that.  


Why is it we are paying to graduate? We have to worry about classes and grades, now on top of all of that, we have to worry about the price of graduation?


Graduation prices range from forty two dollars to two hundred and eighteen dollars. If you’re only interested in purchasing the cap and gown then the forty two dollars is the way to go. If you purchase only the cap and gown bundle (Package D), the tassel is not included.


It’s a requirement to have a tassel for graduation so you would have to buy one for either eight or thirteen dollars.  So you will be looking at either fifty or fifty five dollars just to have the necessary items to be eligible to walk on graduation day.


Mallory Parker (12), wasn’t happy when she saw the prices for the cap and gowns alone. She was very happy when she found out that she doesn’t have to worry about the price of graduation. She will be wearing her sister’s cap and gown. She, personally, isn’t going to spend money on the extra items for graduation.   


For Matt Mund (12), he is extremely worried about the price.


“I personally don’t feel like they should charge that much for someone to be able to wear a cap and gown. Not everyone has the money to just drop a hundred dollars. Although graduation is very important, there is still the reality of everything. I also feel that their should be more affordable extras for people who can’t afford them. Everyone deserves to have something extra to remember their senior year by,” said Mund.


Why is it that students only have two options? If you have an older sibling who graduated from LC, then you are allowed to wear theirs. If you are an only child or your siblings graduated from another school then you have to fork out fifty dollars to just meet the requirements of graduation.


“I think the prices are way too pricy since we are required to wear the cap and gown at graduation,” Dominique McKeethan said.


In my opinion they should be making us happy because this is our big day. We all have worked hard to get there and we shouldn’t have to worry about paying to graduate.