Lazy days

If you ever ask me what my schedule looks like during the weekdays, it will consist of school and work. Saturdays are my busiest day of the whole week. Even though I have Saturdays off from work, I still have things to do.


Monday through Friday, I am either at school,or work. On Saturday I am at a baseball game, babysitting, and doing all the homework that I didn’t have time to do that week.


Friday night I get off of work at maybe eleven thirty (if I’m lucky). Then I get maybe four to five hours of sleep before I have to wake up and go to my boyfriend’s baseball game. We hang out for a few hours and it’s back to doing school work and helping my family around the house.


By Sunday, I am just drained completely. I have no more energy to do anything. This is the only day that I don’t have to worry about school,work,or getting up early.

Lazy days for me are the best days of the week. In my opinion, everyone needs one lazy day or at least one day to themselves. Everyone should have a day where they sit back and just do nothing.


If everyday is the same then why can’t you take at least one day to yourself? Some of us wake up everyday at the same day, spend seven to eight hours a day at school, then go straight to work and spend another five to six hours at work. So why can’t we take one day to regroup and prepare for the same thing next week?


For AnnaMarie Stooksbury (9th), “lazy days” don’t exist.


“I don’t really have lazy days. I workout almost everyday and the days that I don’t work out I have softball practice,” AnnaMarie said


Every weekend they have tournaments, so she really never gets a break. For her, it’s not that big of a deal.


“I like not having lazy days, it’s fun to just keep going and never really stop,” she said


On my lazy days, I don’t just sit around watching TV, stuffing cheetos in my mouth. I just stop worrying about school and work and enjoy my day by doing something else, whether it’s laying in bed all day or going to the movies with my boyfriend.


For some people lazy days are nonexistent. For others, it’s a day for them to just have fun and relax after a long week. I have respect for both parts, but for me, personally, I have to have at least one lazy day.