Jazz It Up


Photo By: Kayli Martin

Andrew Floyd (10) relaxes as he plays his trumpet.

Kayli Martin, Staff Writer

There are many different styles and sides to music. From pop to rock, music comes in many forms that way everyone can enjoy and appreciate it. While one person may enjoy Indie, another person may despise it and prefer classical. There are many branches of music, but one of the most famous is jazz.


Jazz is an unique branch of music, that lighted the flame to future branches. Most jazz is upbeat, swung, and fast with rhythms very specific to it, which makes it difficult for a musician to play.


In Knoxville they have a youth symphony orchestra, but many do not know they also have a youth jazz orchestra. Many here at Lenoir City also do not know that one tenth grader made it into the jazz orchestra.


Andrew Floyd (10) is not only our weatherman, but our jazz man too. Recently, Floyd auditioned for the Knoxville Youth Jazz Orchestra on his trumpet and made it.


Floyd actually found out about auditions through his private lessons teacher.


“I have lessons with Mr. Bright [private instructor], he brought in like pamphlets and stuff and I was like alright, I’ll audition,” Floyd said.


Compared to classical, jazz is a major shift especially to Floyd who has been playing more classical than jazz.


“It’s really swung and [has] a lot of off-beats and everyone’s swing is different,” Floyd said.


When playing music most of the time the style has to stay the same across the band, but with jazz it is different. While there still needs to be sense of unity in there a person’s individual playing style can emerge more than it could in classical.


Which makes jazz different from the other branches. It has a sound that can be crazy. You want to play that high note? Go for it!


Floyd is not as fond of jazz as he is classical though, but overall Floyd just loves music.


“As typical it sounds, you can say ‘music is life’ for me. I really wish more people were into [playing] music,” Floyd said.


Music is something different from anything else, no one can deny that. With jazz it gives the listener a sense of ease and peace, or sometimes makes them want to dance. Maybe just all music is like this, and that is why it’s so special.


Whether you like jazz or not, you just cannot deny it has a soul beat. A beat that can not always be followed by your ears.