Lenoir City Vs. Oak Ridge


As the teams line up on the field, you can see there is a significant difference in the sizes. With Oak Ridge outnumbering LC by almost two times, the game ahead looks grim.

With Oak Ridge’s Tee Higgins, who was committed to UT his junior year, and Powell transfer Darel Middleton, their team had multiple high caliber members. Although LC had been considerably stronger than previous years, the scales were not in our favor. Kenny Miller(12), a large piece of our football team, a free safety and running back, had been injured earlier this season after being out with a concussion. Although he had been back in for almost two weeks, there was a significant difference in his performance. As for Logan D’Ooge(12), he would show promise late into the game.

Oak Ridge had its homecoming procession and band march, and after the spectacles, the game began. LC would kick off, defaulting Oak Ridge to receive, and they took advantage of this heavily. With their tight end, Middleton, scoring the first touchdown in under 30 seconds of the game commencing. The morale had dropped significantly for LC, and after the second touchdown 4 minutes later, it seemed as if the game would only be a downward spiral. Whidson(12), wide receiver and corner back, scored a touchdown ten minutes into the game, bringing back some of the lost confidence. Followed by a two-point conversion for LC, the score was 8 – 14

Moving into the second quarter, Oak Ridge continued their reign, scoring an additional 6 points. Although Lenoir had some completed passes, LC had no large advancements in a play. After multiple penalties, Oak Ridge scored yet again. Followed up by a field goal after, the Wildcats would receive the ball after a fumble. Oak With Oak Ridge now totaling 35 points, we were losing ground almost exponentially. Cameron Sousa (12) and Zane Bowen (11), saved LC from some potential touchdowns by the Wildcats with multiple tackles, along with Bradley Willis (12) and other respectively. The first half ended LC 8 – Oak Ridge 35.

3rd quarter proved strenuous for LC, as Oak Ridge continued to dominate. With multiple penalties called on LC, and Oak Ridge close to the end zone, the Wildcats scored yet another touchdown. Though at 8 minutes in LC would have a breakthrough, with our own Logan D’Ooge rushing over sixty yards, scoring LC a touchdown, Brining the score to 14 to 47. Sergio Cornejo would follow-up with a field goal, bringing the score up to 15. The third quarter would end with a touchdown by 

In the 4th quarter, despite Lenoir City’s efforts, Oak Ridge would score yet another touchdown. The game drew to an end, with Oak Ridge at 55 and LC at 15. With this being LC 3rd loss of the season, LC will need to win soon as the season come to end, if they wish to continue into the playoffs.

Although, we had not performed well against Oak Ridge, LC continues strong, looking forward to the 25th game against Pigeon Forge.

LC Vs OR Highlights